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61. The Apparitions of Guadalupe as Historical Events / v.II
by Ascencio, Luis Medina

62. The Oldest Copy of the Nican Mopohua / CARA Studies in Popular Devotion vol. IV Guadalupan Studies no. 4
by Burrus, Ernest J; Center for Applied Research in the Apostoloate / CARA Studies in Popular Devotion

63. Para vivir el ministerio /
by Equiza, Jesús ; Puhl, Germán

64. A major guadalupana question resolved: Did General Scott seize t he Valeriano account of the Guadalupan apparitions? CARA Studies on Popular devotion vol. II Guadalupan Studies, no. 2
by Burrus, Ernest J., autor

65. Las tradiciones del Pentateuco en la época del exilio /
by Lohfink, Norbert

66. One Border, one body [videorecording] : Immigration and Eucharist ; produced by the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Regional Community of St. Louis; executive producer, Daniel Groody and Jack Loren; associate producer, Claudia Ramirez.z
by Gatekeeper Productions, LLC in association with the Center for Latino Spirituality and Culture at the University of Notre Dame. Directed by John Carlos Freay; Groody, Daniel G., 1964-

67. Breve historia de los concilios ecuménicos /
by Abadías, David

68. Ríos de Agua Viva = Streams of living waters : El retorno a la fuente de la renovación perdurable = celebrating the great traditions of Christian faith /
by Foster, Richard J.

69. Integridad : Valor para hacer frente a las demandas de la realidad /
by Cloud, Henry.

70. Liderazgo y Eclesia: Principios efectivos para pastores y líderes latinos /
by Ruarte, Daniel